ISC Coilover Install and Alignment

This week we had the opportunity to work on a 2014 WRX and do a Coilover Install and alignment on the customers vehicle. The ISC N1 Coilovers allowed us to get Christine’s car to the perfect stance that she wanted to achieve. She was looking for her car to go low, but still be functional and drivable on the street. Thanks to the adjustable ride height and separate pre-load these ISC’s can help the car get low while still maintaining top notch ride quality. This is super important to us when it comes to doing installs for customers. We want them to be happy and riding on a quality product. ISC was also present for the install and was able to create a full install guide for the GR which will be posted soon on their website!

Christine also received a set of ISC Control arms that helped us create a functional stance and alignment for her vehicle. Many customers do not know that there is no actual camber adjustment in the rear and instead just go a low as possible with their car and then chew through tires. Thankfully in 2012 ISC Suspension created their V2 control arms that solved this issue. While the market has become saturated, ISC control arms have remained top of the line due to their 6061 Aluminum design and lack of stamped steel. They offer up to 5 degrees of camber adjust ability in the rear of the GRs and now feature 2 mounting points for the endlinks and bottom mounts of coilovers to get your car even lower in the rear!

Thanks to all of these fine items we can now show you the finished product, a gorgeously low GR! Christine was really impressed with the product and we can’t wait to do more installs this summer!


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