Corsa Performance Exhausts w/ $50 Rebate

AJW Performance now offers Corsa Performance exhausts and from now until December 31, 2015 they are offering a $50 rebate. This makes for a great deal since these exhausts are super high quality. Rebates have been a big thing this year for manufacturers to promote sales so we want to try and get them out to our customers as much as possible.

Some people may not be familiar with Corsa Performance in relation to import vehicles however they have been in business since 1998. Corsa Performance exhausts feature premium stainless steel construction including hangers and CNC cases. They also utilize Corsa’s no drone RSC technology, madrel bends, Torca clamps, and special pro series tips. These tips are usually offered in stainless steel or black diamond. Corsa also uses precision MIG, TIG, and Robotic welding for the best durability and aesthetic appeal. Corsa Performance’s RSC or Reflective Sound Cancellation Technology ensures that their exhausts do not drone. Corsa is world renowned for their ability to manufacture exhausts that have zero drone and sound great!

Corsa rebate

Corsa Performance currently makes exhausts for a few different Subarus mainly modern variants. Their 2015 WRX and STi Exhausts sounds wonderful! They also have exhausts for the 08-14 Subaru WRX and STi Sedan and Hatchback.

Below you will find some sound clips for the 2015 STi and the 2015 WRX.

Both exhausts sound great and one of the biggest advantages to these exhaust is that there is NO DRONE. Other exhausts will give you a headache after driving with them for so long due to the drone but with Corsa Performance you get an exhaust that flows 60-68% better than stock as well as eliminating Drone.

Are you looking for a quality exhaust? Check out the Corsa Exhausts we carry below:

08-14 WRX/STi Hatchback Catback

08-10 WRX Sedan Catback

11-14 WRX Sedan Catback

2015 WRX and STi Catback

If you’re looking for quality look no further, AJW Performance has got you covered!

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