Cabin Air Filters and Their Importance to Your Subaru

Cabin Air Filters


It can happen all the time, a funny smell or the Air Conditioning not working as well as it did last year. Some people can panic and get really worried that it is something majorly wrong with their vehicles! Others just go about their day and don’t really pay much attention to it and eventually forget about it.

Like your oil and other fluids, filters are equally important to your vehicles health. You may be spending big money on motor builds and turbocharger upgrades but you cannot forget the basic and simple items that are important to your vehicle. Regular oil changes, coilover maintenance and even vehicle washing are all preventative measures to keep your car as new as possible.

The primary filter I am writing about today is your cabin air filter. The cabin air filters, filters all the air that comes into your vehicle. It also filters the air for your A/C. This is super important if you are someone that has lots of allergies or are sensitive to pollen or other pollutants. A clogged or nasty cabin air filter means that the air coming in is not fresh and has to go through all the other mucky stuff that is already in the filter! A dirty air filter can also cause your A/C to work harder and decrease HP to your vehicle. It will increase temperatures in the passenger compartment and thus require more power.


A filter that is clogged like above can be a big problem and is not good for your Subarus health or your own! Image the contaminants that have been entering the vehicle, YUCK! Filters should be changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles but this can vary depending on the vehicle. If you have allergies you may also want to replace your filter more often as well since you are more sensitive to the pollutants that are in the air. This will also depend on the area you are in. If there are trees everywhere during pollen season you may consider even replacing it every 4-5000 miles.

AJW Performance is happy to replace simple items like these, and charges a minimal fee. If you are interested in getting your cabin air filter replaced please give us a call, we utilize all OEM Subaru components and can get your car smelling fresh again! 603-715-9076


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