AJW Performance Motor Builds

AJW Performance Motor Builds

We all know that your motor is the heart of your car. If you car needs a heart transplant look no further! AJW Performance has been doing Motor Builds for Almost 6 years now and they have primarily all been on Subarus. Our knowledge and expertise of the EJ series motor is surpassed by none. Motors are typically built within a week and are wrapped and packaged the proper way for shipping. Often times we will either hand deliver the motor or have it shipped via a freight service that we know we can rely on. There is zero shipping through companies that are not trustworthy or that do not care about your new motor!


We ofter multiple services involved in motors:

1. We can rebuild your motor to OEM spec, without any upgrades etc, just a factory replacmement

2. We can rebuild your motor to our spec which involves removing the areas where there could be hiccups down the road. We utilize forged pistons, and multiple other options to ensure that there is no issue down the road. This is our most done option.

3. We can build your motor and accessories, this is where people get big power. Forged Pistons, larger turbos, remove the areas that there could be hiccups. This is a good options for people looking for a number. Ask us what it will take to make 500 whp and we will tell you.



We do Short Block, and Long Blocks! Are you looking for a motor build for your Subaru? Contact us at 603-715-9076 and we can provide you a full consultation of what would be best for your car!

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