AJay’s 2011 WRX

Sometime last year I came across a thread on NASIOC.com with a young man looking to have his car stored while he was deployed overseas fighting for our countries freedom. Through messages I spoke with AJay for over a year while he was awayhttps://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com checking in on him and talking about his plans for the WRX for when he returned home. The car is a 2011 WRX. Plans are a nice drivable stage 2 setup. We decide on the parts and get everything ordered up.

Here is the list:

  • TurboXS Turboback exhaust
  • AEM Cold air intake
  • Forge By pass valve
  • GrimmSpeed Electronic boost control solenoid
  • DeatschWerks new 65C direct drop in fuel pump
  • SMY Clustermaker
  • Defi Red Boost gauge
  • AEM Wideband

With this set in stone and a dynotune appointment with Bren of BrenTuning we set to work yesterday afternoon to get him ready to roll. AJay had originally wanted to do the install by himself to get the experience and enjoy wrenching on his own car. Unfortunately he was a little short on time having just returned to the states and needed to see all the family he missed while he was away and also prepare for a move across country.

We were more than happy to fit him in and assist him. The job was to install his turboback and get that ready. The TurboXS exhaust is a real quality piece and offers a really nice tone. Not too loud but certainly brings out the boxer rumble! Installation went well and we button everything up for him. With a good headstart AJay is going to finish up the installation of a few parts with a couple of friends. We have made ourselves available whenever to assist him with any questions he may have during installation to make things easier. Cant wait to see what kind of magic Bren will work on this car.

We wish you the best of luck with your move AJay!

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