2015 WRX & STI Rear Control Arms Installation

As most of you already know, control arms serve a very important function to a cars handling and suspension. Essentially, they connect the steering of your vehicle to the chassis. Control arms permit the wheels to move and control the motion of the wheels through pivoting. Without control arms, your tires would not have any control when hitting bumbs. There would be nothing to aid the wheels from ascending and descending. The tires would be fixed and cause for an unbearably rough ride.

With the 2015 WRX/STI in full production, Subaru fans are getting a taste of the new stiffer and more refined chassis. ISC offers a full product line for the 2015 chassis including wheel spacers coilovers and rear control arms. The chassis can be best described as more rigid. Combine this chassis with the improved throttle response and upgraded control arms, and the 2015 WRX/STI is a well tuned machine that clearly outdoes it’s predecessor. From the manufacturer, the chassis has been tuned to be 14% stiffer while the suspension is 21% stiffer than previous models.

ISC rear control arms are some of the best in the industry because of the use of stainless steel hardware and a cnc’d 6061 aluminum arm. Many competitors use welded or stamped steel which is much weaker and less reliable. ISC control arms are lighter, stiffer, and stronger than the competition. These rear control arms offer over 5 degrees of camber adjustability and use a pillow ball rod end with a street seal protective cover to protect the bearing from harsh elements like sand and road salt. At a price point of 475.00 to 575.00 these rear control arms are hard to beat, and backed by ISC’S industry leading warranty. Combine ISC’s rear control arms with Subaru’s refined chassis and you will have an ultimate machine that will offer a smooth ride and rip through corners.

ISC control arms are not only offered for the 2015 WRX/STI but many other models aswell. View the following list for fitment of all models:

  • 2010+ legacy GT
  • 2008-2014 WRX
  • 2008-2014 STI
  • 2013+ BRZ and FRS
  • 2015+ WRX
  • 2015+ STI

You can find all of ISC’s rear control arms for the models listed above at AJW Performance Products:

2010+ Legacy GT Rear Control Arms

2008+ WRX Rear Control Arms

2008+ STI Rear Control Arms

2013+ BRZ & FRS Rear Control Arms

ISC Rear Control Arm Installation


  1. If possible, spray all the bolts being removed ( lower shock bolt, sway bar end link bolts, and inner and outer control arm bolts) a few times for few days before the installation.
  2. Remove the lower shock bolts, along with the sway bar end link bolts.
  3. Remove the inner and outer control arm bolts. These are very tight so a large breaker bar with impact sockets will work best. (I had a 3 foot breaker bar on it and also had to use a torch to heat up the nut to remove mine).
  4. rear-control-arm-installation-2

  5. Now that the OEM control arm is out of the car. You can begin to setup the ISC control arm. To establish a starting point, I un-threaded the Heim joint all the way from the arm itself and from the extension nut. Apply anti-seize to all threads. Then I simultaneously started to thread the Heim joint and the extension nut into the end of the arm, so that there was equal adjustment on both sides of the nut. Since one side of the nut is a left handed thread and one side is a right handed thread, all you have to do is hang the arm off the end of a table, hold the Heim joint still and spin the extension nut all the way till it bottoms out. I then adjusted the ISC arm to the same length as the stock OEM control arm. Tighten down both locknuts to assure the length of the arm does not change.
  6. rear-control-arm-installation-3

  7. Pack the Heim joint with lots of grease. I also found some rod end dust seals online and decided they would be a good addition to keep the joint free of road debris.
  8. Install ISC control arm into back into the car. New hardware is supplied for the sway bar and the lower shock mount, but the original hardware is re used for the inner mount. Be sure everything is tight/properly torqued.
  9. rear-control-arm-installation-4

  10. Repeat steps for the other side of car.
  11. Since the length of the control arm was only eye-balled, the alignment of the car could be way off, or it could be close. GO GET AN ALIGNMENT ASAP!!
  12. rear-control-arm-installation-5

Subaru GC8 History, Performance Parts, Coilovers, & More

Subaru GC8 History, Performance Parts, Coilovers, & More

GC8 History

The Subaru GC8 is a car we all know and have come to love since it’s debut in November of 1992. The GC8 is known as a rare and tunable car. The GC8 is the face of what Subaru is and has become. Between the 2 door and 4 door variant, only 14,000 GC8’s were produced in it’s 4 year run on the assembly line. Many people who currently own a GC8 don’t know how rare of a car they are driving. This makes selling, scraping, or damaging the car a more likely scenario that can leave the GC8 junked, totaled, or destroyed. Regardless, if you are an owner of a GC8, treasure it, we probably won’t see them in production ever again.

GC8 Performance & Tunability

The tunability and performance of GC8’s are often overlooked, mainly because of the WRX and STI. Many don’t even realize that a stock 1999 2.0 turbo model runs a 5.5 second 0-60. With a few mods, you can break 5 seconds easily. Piggyback systems are available for the majority of GC8’s, and there are a slew of GC8 performance parts and options everywhere you turn. The most popular GC8 coilovers at AJW are easily the ISC’s. You can find them here: GC8 Coilovers along with many other GC8 parts. The GC8 came with 165HP from the factory, which is quite impressive when considering their slim curb weight of ~2600-2700 lbs. for the AWD model.

It’s What Makes a Subaru a Subaru

The GC8 is most “Subaru-ish” car, that anyone of us has ever seen. With simple but iconic lines and design, the GC8 will forever be remembered as what made Subaru, Subaru! From the hood scoop, to large fog lights, to the wing on the trunk, everything about the GC8 is what Subaru will be remembered as. It was able to produce a flash but with class. Sega has Sonic, Nintendo has Mario, Xbox has halo, and Subaru has the GC8!

Versatile Beast with Symmetrical AWD

The GC8 came equipped with Subaru’s symmetrical AWD system that allowed for an even split of power to the front and rear axles. This system not only made it a monster on the track, but also allowed for more safety during snow storms and bad driving conditions. Whether you’re tuning your car and tracking it or keeping it stock and running errands, the GC8 is more than capable to perform the task and accommodate your needs.

2012+ BRZ History Performance Parts Suspension & Coilovers

Subaru BRZ

Ever since the Subaru BRZ’s debut (also known as Boxer Rear-drive Zenith) in 2012, enthusiasts of the rear wheel drive sports model has continued to rise. Subaru’s goal with this car was to not only create a good looking car with a solid price point, but to keep things simple. Complete focus has been put into the driving experience. Nimble handling, rear wheel drive, and revised suspension really shines for the BRZ. Weighing in at ~2700 pounds, the BRZ is one of the lightest sports cars today. The lightweight design not only aids in speed and handling, but gas mileage as well.

BRZ Performance Parts

A variety of performance parts have flooded the market since the BRZ’s debut. From suspension, to engine upgrades, to coilovers, you can find any upgrade you are looking for. ISC Suspension is a solid coilover choice for BRZ suspension that many enthusiast are turning to. With a competitive price point and big gains on handling, it is no surprise ISC is gaining more and more of the market. You can view a sample of the ISC BRZ suspension below:

Subaru BRZ Coilovers

Subaru BRZ Interior

The interior of the BRZ brings back the “old school” feel old sports cars are known for. The inerior is exactly what you’d expect from a focused sports car: simple and useful. There are no bells and whistles, it is right down to business. Regardless of that, once you hit the gas, all of that stuff doesn’t matter. Despite it’s low to the ground stance, head space is generous for a small coupe, allowing for plenty of room for a racing helmet.

Subaru BRZ Exterior

Exterior colors are limited, but each color is a great choice by Subaru.

Exterior Color Choices


  • Crystal Black Silica
  • Crystal White Pearl
  • Dark Gray Metalic
  • Ice Silver Metalic
  • Lightning Red
  • World Rally Blue Pearl


Each color has something to offer. Crystal black, crystal white, ice silver, and dark gray are solid colors for a sleeper approach. Lightning red and WR blue are great for the enthusiast looking to add an edge to their BRZ.

With a long front end, and short rear end, the overall dimensions of the BRZ scream coupe. Current dimensions of the BRZ are 167″ L x 70″ W x 51″ H. Have a look at 2015 blueprints of the exterior below.



Overall, the BRZ is a solid car for any enthusiast looking for a solid driving experience. There is very little body roll, handling is tight, and predictable. Acceleration is moderate, but thanks to it’s light weight, the BRZ can easily become a monster!