2015 WRX & STI Rear Control Arms Installation

As most of you already know, control arms serve a very important function to a cars handling and suspension. Essentially, they connect the steering of your vehicle to the chassis. Control arms permit the wheels to move and control the motion of the wheels through pivoting. Without control arms, your tires would not have any control when hitting bumbs. There would be nothing to aid the wheels from ascending and descending. The tires would be fixed and cause for an unbearably rough ride.

Subaru GC8 History, Performance Parts, Coilovers, & More

Subaru GC8 History, Performance Parts, Coilovers, & More

GC8 History

The Subaru GC8 is a car we all know and have come to love since it’s debut in November of 1992. The GC8 is known as a rare and tunable car. The GC8 is the face of what Subaru is and has become. Between the 2 door and 4 door variant, only 14,000 GC8’s were produced in it’s 4 year run on the assembly line. Many people who currently own a GC8 don’t know how rare of a car they are driving. This makes selling, scraping, or damaging the car a more likely scenario that can leave the GC8 junked, totaled, or destroyed. Regardless, if you are an owner of a GC8, treasure it, we probably won’t see them in production ever again.

2012+ BRZ History Performance Parts Suspension & Coilovers

Subaru BRZ

Ever since the Subaru BRZ’s debut (also known as Boxer Rear-drive Zenith) in 2012, enthusiasts of the rear wheel drive sports model has continued to rise. Subaru’s goal with this car was to not only create a good looking car with a solid price point, but to keep things simple. Complete focus has been put into the driving experience. Nimble handling, rear wheel drive, and revised suspension really shines for the BRZ. Weighing in at ~2700 pounds, the BRZ is one of the lightest sports cars today. The lightweight design not only aids in speed and handling, but gas mileage as well.