Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone, yes I know we are a day early but it’s still a Friday with a wonderful spooky Halloween to look forward to! Here at the shop we are getting excited for some outside of work Halloween festivities this weekend. We’re also working on getting some items shipped out and also generating some new sales for the upcoming holidays.

We wanted to make this holiday enjoyable for our customers as well so we’re giving 5% off our entire store until midnight on October 31st 2015. This will give everyone plenty of time to grab some good prices on their favorite items once they are done taking their kids trick or treating or finishing up that Halloween costume party.

Fluid Film Rust Prevention Service

Tomorrow will be AJW Performance’s annual company fluid film service for company vehicles and employee vehicles. This is a service we offer but also normally charge for. Our normal rates begin at $100 but for tomorrow only we have decided to drop that to $50! Since we will be doing this all day we are dropping the price rate. We have already had a few people sign up but we would like to see more people.


Flash Sale Save 10% This week!

AJW Performance is having a flash sale! This week save 10% off our entire store. This is a great chance to get those last minute items before you put the toy away for the year. Or, if you’re like us and drive your sports car through the winter it’s another great opportunity to add some more fun to your car while the weather is still nice.

Save on items such as Perrin Performance Catbacks, Axle Backs, and more! Upgrade that Intercooler to get closer to your power goals with a Process West TMIC, or a Perrin Intercooler. Packages such as Grimmspeed Uppipes and EWGs are one sale as well!

Product Spotlight: ISC Coilover Covers

Some History on ISC Coilover Covers:

About a year ago the product development team sat down to try and come up with an idea for something that would help to prevent the damage that coilovers experience during New England winters. After going back and forth with a few ideas the team came up with a plan to develop something simple but effective. The end result was the ISC Coilover Cover or to some people the coilover “sock”. This Coilover Cover is made of neoprene, the same material that many manufacturers use in their wet suits. On one side you have the ISC logo and on the other a strip of strong velcro. While the velcro enclosure is enough to keep the Coilover Cover on, zip ties are also included for added security.

Corsa Performance Exhausts w/ $50 Rebate

AJW Performance now offers Corsa Performance exhausts and from now until December 31, 2015 they are offering a $50 rebate. This makes for a great deal since these exhausts are super high quality. Rebates have been a big thing this year for manufacturers to promote sales so we want to try and get them out to our customers as much as possible.

AJW Perrin Performance Group Buy

AJW Performance is currently conducting a group buy on Perrin Performance Exhausts for the Subaru BRZ, and 08-14 WRX/STi Hatchback and Sedan. These exhausts are going for super low prices and are in limited supply. AJW Performance is happy to bring you the best deals in the industry.


Perrin Catback for BRZ

Perrin Exhausts are some of the nicest exhausts today. They feature 304 Stainless Steel Tubing and V-Bands. V bands make for a very tight seal with zero leaks, and the stainless steel tubing ensures for no corrosion and keeps the exhausts looking clean. Perrin Exhausts also feature a brushed steel finish for added looks. Did we also mention that with V bands you don’t need gaskets? Perrin Exhausts are real winners!

AJW Performance Weekly Sale!

AJW Performance will now be offering weekly sales for all makes and models of vehicles. To stay true to our Subaru Roots we have decided that our first sale will be a stage 2 power package for 08-14 WRX and 08-15 STi Owners! The 08-14 WRX and STi have been very popular, and in 2011 became even more sought after with the addition of a widebody for the WRX. 08-10 WRX’s are considered “narrow bodies” while 11+ are “wide bodies”. The 2015 STi while on a different chassis still utilizes many of the same parts.

Klaus Schuler Rotated Build

After a long night of hard work, determination, and intensity we have finished Kalus Schuler Jrs Motor build! The build like every build comes with its fair share of challenges however we were able to successfully provide Klaus Jr with a motor that can easily put down 450 WHP. On the break in map the car made over 300 WHP at just 14 PSI. That’s impressive, and the GTX3076R is a formidable turbocharger! Below you will find a list of modifications that we used for Kalus’s build to get him to his goal. The primary item backing this enormous amount of power was Klaus’s Perrin Rotated Kit. These kits are special order items only, however with Perrin’s rotated tuner kit you can choose your own turbo and waste gate for some customization!

Klaus Schuler Rotated Build

Klaus came to us with a Spun rod bearing! He decided that this time he wanted to go big, and we mean really big! After a lot of discussions with the AJW Performance team Klaus decided to go with a rotated turbo kit from Perrin Performance and a GTX3076R a big massive Turbocharger! Kalus also utilized various supporting mods such as a brand new STi BBBB short block with Manley forged pistons. He also went this some MSI fuel rails, Perrin headers, and more! We will cover more of Klaus’s build in the next blog dedicated to this car. We are going for a reliable 450 WHP, so we’re pretty excited to see this build come together so quickly!

Motor Build for Casey Cobb

Hello again everyone! For you who follow our blog you know we JUST finished up a motor build for Jason Nelson. Around the time we finished that motor build we began interacting with Casey Cobb who had spun a bearing in his EJ255. Spun bearings can be common with Subaru WRX/STis as well as ringland failure and slew of other issues. Casey came to us trying to make a budget of about $6,000 dollars and was hopeful that we could get his motor up and running for that price.