Monthly Archives: June 2015

AJW Performance Summer Sale

This summer AJW Performance is bringing you some of the best deals in the Industry with our annual summer sale! Summer is the time for fast cars, clean cars, stanced cars, and more. We want to help you finish your build by giving discounts on some of the most popular brands in the industry including Perrin, Grimmspeed, Invidia, Cobb, Mishimoto + More. We carry all name brand parts and also have niche brands like Bride, Tanabe, and other JDM components. For this summer we are offering the following deals:

Jason Nelson’s Motor Build Part 1

This blog post will be a two part! Jason Nelson recently approached us to work with his Insurance company to evaluate his motor that recently blew in his GR WRX STi. Jason recently drove through some water, and believed that the water may have been the cause of the damage. We had the car brought to us, the Subaru experts, and began tearing the motor down right away. Once removed we could see evidence of water, and the Insurance company wanted the motor torn down to the bearings. We complied and could see signs of a spun bearing, most likely caused by water damage. For such a hydrating liquid it sure can cause problems in our beloved cars!

Service Spotlight; Corner Balancing

Corner Balancing is an integral part of racing and important if you want your vehicle to handle evenly. Corner Balancing isn’t done on OEM cars, rather it is done on performance cars with aftermarket springs and struts because they have the ability to be adjusted so that you can even out the ride. A properly corner balanced car will handle evenly in left and right corners and allow you to drive your car better.

AJW Performance offer Corner Balancing services to our customers at the rate of $75 per hour using AJW or ISC products, and $95 per hour using another brands products.

AJW Performance Military Discount

AJW Performance has been a supporter of the United States Military since it’s opening. We are proud to offer special pricing to all who serve in the armed forces! To qualify for this discount, we simple require proof of service in the US Military. This can be provided by calling in to our store before checking out. We will then provide you a code for special savings and can even assist you in the process of checking out before hand.