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Cabin Air Filters and Their Importance to Your Subaru

Cabin Air Filters


It can happen all the time, a funny smell or the Air Conditioning not working as well as it did last year. Some people can panic and get really worried that it is something majorly wrong with their vehicles! Others just go about their day and don’t really pay much attention to it and eventually forget about it.

Like your oil and other fluids, filters are equally important to your vehicles health. You may be spending big money on motor builds and turbocharger upgrades but you cannot forget the basic and simple items that are important to your vehicle. Regular oil changes, coilover maintenance and even vehicle washing are all preventative measures to keep your car as new as possible.

AJW Performance Motor Builds

AJW Performance Motor Builds

We all know that your motor is the heart of your car. If you car needs a heart transplant look no further! AJW Performance has been doing Motor Builds for Almost 6 years now and they have primarily all been on Subarus. Our knowledge and expertise of the EJ series motor is surpassed by none. Motors are typically built within a week and are wrapped and packaged the proper way for shipping. Often times we will either hand deliver the motor or have it shipped via a freight service that we know we can rely on. There is zero shipping through companies that are not trustworthy or that do not care about your new motor!

Subaru GC8 History, Performance Parts, Coilovers, & More

Subaru GC8 History, Performance Parts, Coilovers, & More

GC8 History

The Subaru GC8 is a car we all know and have come to love since it’s debut in November of 1992. The GC8 is known as a rare and tunable car. The GC8 is the face of what Subaru is and has become. Between the 2 door and 4 door variant, only 14,000 GC8’s were produced in it’s 4 year run on the assembly line. Many people who currently own a GC8 don’t know how rare of a car they are driving. This makes selling, scraping, or damaging the car a more likely scenario that can leave the GC8 junked, totaled, or destroyed. Regardless, if you are an owner of a GC8, treasure it, we probably won’t see them in production ever again.

AJW Performance and ISC Suspension Open House

As most of you know we had our open house with ISC Suspension and it was a blast! We had a good turn out of different vehicles including many Subaru’s, BMW’s, and even an old school Camaro Z28! We enjoyed having the opportunity to show people the shop and how we perform alignments. A lot of people left the open house with a better understanding of their suspension and how it works in comparison with their vehicle. All of the shop vehicles were out in the front including ISC Suspension’s BRZ and ISF.