Monthly Archives: April 2015

It’s all about Service!

AJW Performance has been booming for the past few weeks with service work! We’ve got a lot of projects go on and it is the height of busy season. This week started out with a 11+ STi Sedan that came in for a set of coilovers, control arms, and an alignment. The car came out really well and the customer was very, very happy with the install and the work that we performed. We were really pleased with how it came out!


Two Performance Alignments in Two Days!

This week we had an interesting couple of alignments. John, a new customer brought his BRZ here for a performance alignment and then scheduled his second car for an alignment the next day! John was so impressed with our alignments that he told one of his close autocross buddies who also scheduled an alignment.


ISC Coilover Install and Alignment

This week we had the opportunity to work on a 2014 WRX and do a Coilover Install and alignment on the customers vehicle. The ISC N1 Coilovers allowed us to get Christine’s car to the perfect stance that she wanted to achieve. She was looking for her car to go low, but still be functional and drivable on the street. Thanks to the adjustable ride height and separate pre-load these ISC’s can help the car get low while still maintaining top notch ride quality. This is super important to us when it comes to doing installs for customers. We want them to be happy and riding on a quality product. ISC was also present for the install and was able to create a full install guide for the GR which will be posted soon on their website!

2012+ BRZ History Performance Parts Suspension & Coilovers

Subaru BRZ

Ever since the Subaru BRZ’s debut (also known as Boxer Rear-drive Zenith) in 2012, enthusiasts of the rear wheel drive sports model has continued to rise. Subaru’s goal with this car was to not only create a good looking car with a solid price point, but to keep things simple. Complete focus has been put into the driving experience. Nimble handling, rear wheel drive, and revised suspension really shines for the BRZ. Weighing in at ~2700 pounds, the BRZ is one of the lightest sports cars today. The lightweight design not only aids in speed and handling, but gas mileage as well.

AJW Performance Motor Builds; Stage 1 and Beyond

AJW Performance has been building performance motors for Subaru Impreza WRX’s, Subaru Forester XTs, Subaru Legacy’s, and even some more interesting builds like the ones for Factory Five 818-S and 818-R for over 5 years now. We have the experience and tools necessary to build you a top notch motor! While we offer rebuild services for existing motors, we also offer packages for new ones as well.


AJW Performance Free Alignment Checks

Part of what we do here at AJW Performance is help keep your cars on the road and current. One of the most important things to get checked is your alignment. Improper alignment can lead to destruction of tires, poor gas mileage and even worse, failure of suspension components.


In an industry with slammed cars, and low riders, it is super important to have an alignment to make sure that you can get the most out of your camber and camber plates if applicable. If you don’t, then you’re going to rub. Many “normal” shops do not understand what customers are looking for, which is why AJW Performance is a great place to go. We’ve got a 2015 alignment rack, the newest in the industry. Our technician has endless knowledge and experience on suspension, and has assisted customers get their cars low!