Monthly Archives: March 2015

Week Wrap Up, Fender Rolling & New ISC Catalogs

It’s spring time here in New Hampshire but it sure doesn’t feel like it! We know that it is coming though and people are beginning to bring their performance vehicles out of hibernation. With this comes new wheels, performance parts, and coilovers to bring them back down and looking good with low profile tires and clean wheels. A customer names Josh gave us an emergency call this week and needed a fender rolling asap! He recently purchased new wheels, and due to how low he was he was rubbing through his tires! This is unacceptable and AJW Performance came to the rescue!

Product Spotlight: ISC Suspension Extended Wheel Studs for Subaru

Today we are looking at ISC Suspension’s newest product, the Extended Wheel Stud for Subaru vehicles. We consider ourselves the Subaru experts, and we have seen ARP before. These match ARP in quality and are cheaper and easier on the wallet which is good to see in the community.

These go for $35 for a set of 5, and ISC Suspension is doing introductory sales for customers who want to try them out and write a review. These wheel studs are about twice the length of the OEM ones, and feature a section at the front similar to the ARP ones so you can line up your lug nuts and reduce cross threading.

Product Spotlight: Perrin Performance 3 Inch Catback Exhaust for Subaru BRZ & Scion FRS

This week we’d like to feature Perrin’s 3inch catback for the Subaru BRZ.


This piece is put together wonderfully and will look amazing on your BRZ or FRS. You can tell Perrin takes great care when they produce their exhausts for the BRZ, FRS, WRX, STi, and all other vehicles. Every weld looks perfect and done with purpose, no spotty odd jobs can be found on these exhausts! Perrin utilizes 304 Stainless Steel for their exhaust which provides corrosion resistance and allows the exhaust to withstand temperatures of up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.