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Product Spotlight: Stoptech Big Brake Kit for the BRZ/FRS

This week we could like to take a look at Stoptechs performance upgrade Big Brake Kit. These kits are amazing in quality and bang for your buck. Featuring massive calipers for 4 pot pistons they also include braided stainless steel lines, and slotted or drilled rotors. 

They are available now at our store below!

Available here:…egory=10971073

“StopTech’s Balanced Brake Upgrade kits equip your Subaru BRZ with larger two or four piston calipers and plus sized StopTech AeroRotors. StopTech big brake kits provide a neutral biased brake system that will improve safety and performance on and off the track as well as add a striking visual enhancement that is second to none. StopTech big brake kits also include stainless steel brake lines and StopTech performance brake pads to complete the package.

The AJW Performance 818 Exhaust Has Arrived

Our 818 Exhaust has finally arrived! The AJW Performance Exhaust has been in development for several months and has gained a huge audience on the Factory Five Forums. Our original thread can be found here:




The AJW Performance exhaust features full 304 Stainless Steel construction and contains a Bell mouth flange into a full 3 inch system,. It includes the Turbo to downpipe gasket for added¬†convenience and also contains an extra o2 bung for air fuel gauges. AJW Performance also offers Vibrant Performance’s full suite of aftermarket catalytic converters, resonators, and mufflers to create one of the most adjustable exhaust on the market.

AJW Performance Timing Belt Repairs on a Customer Vehicle

We had a very productive and busy week here at AJW Performance! This week consisted of a total of 3 alignments, a Subaru maintenance job, and dozens of part sales!
We came from Subaru, so that is what we know best! A customer came in needing a timing belt job and Kyle knew exactly what to do. Timing belts are also best done in conjunction with your water pump, so we did the full service for this customer. He came in with an Outback XT, a surprise treat and a very clean car. Fully loaded with Leather options and low miles are things that we love!

Product Spotlight: Perrin Big Tube EL Headers

AJW Performance just recently acquired these new headers from Perrin to put on our RSTi build. These headers are a great addition to a Subaru! While you may lose some rumble the added horsepower is enough to bring the smile back to your face.

You can take a peek here to read Perrin’s blog post on why the Big Tube Header was created:

As for an official description and photos, well peek below.