Monthly Archives: December 2014

Product Spotlight: Nissan 240SX Rear Control arms

As you all know by now we here at AJW Performance are huge fans of ISC Suspension and the products that they create. Well, let me tell you that the boys and girls over there have been busy. ISC has continued to push out new products multiple times a year and with all the commotion that Jeremy Lowe has been causing in Florida with Three Palms and more, ISC figured it was time to start introducing some quality products to give the 240SX drifter peace of mine.

AJW Performance Now Offering Alignment Services

As of today AJW Performance is proud to offer alignment services for all makes and models of vehicles. AJW Performance had the ability to perform 4WD and 2WD alignments! This is a great addition to our services, because we will now be able to offer full race setup for customers! We will now essentially be an all in one shop and have the ability to do alignments after performing coilover installations! We will also be able to continue our ability to do fender rolling! We’ve also lowered our fender rolling pricing down to a low, low $25.00 per fender!

Product Spotlight: Moore Performance Blast Plates

Hello everyone! AJW Performance is currently running a group buy on NASIOC for the Moore Performance Blast Plates! The group buy can be found here: Group Buy

Moore Performance blast plates are an innovative way to make your OEM Subaru 5 Spd Transmission much more solid than it usually is. Most Subaru owners are knowledgeable and know that the stock 5spd can be a weak transmission when upgrading your vehicle. Moore Performance Blast plates strengthen the OEM Transmission by adding two plates to the side to add rigidity and firmness to the Transmission. They are bolted though existing bolt locations that hold the two halves of the transmission together. The increased stiffness improves gear mesh tolerances under shock loading and high torque.