Monthly Archives: August 2014

Aaron Chase Lift Kit Install

We recently had the opportunity to install a lift kit on Aaron Chase’s Toyota Tundra TRD edition. The lift kit came out great and Aaron and his wife loved it! We’re glad to be able to provide great services to our sponsored Athletes and their families.

Aaron is currently on his way to Crankworks Whistler and you can check out the footage on Redbull! Here you will see some photos of the Tundra!

For more info on Aaron read below:

AJW Performance Revamp

Good Afternoon everyone,

For years AJW Performance has been bringing you the best prices and advice in the industry. After almost 5 years it is time for a revamp to bring a fresh face into automotive industry. This refresh will be more than only the website itself, it will everything. We will be working on a new logo, a new website, and even some new cars and sponsors. We have worked with many, many extreme sports enthusiast for years now but it has never been something we have brought to the public. We have decided to change that and bring those sponsors out into the spotlight. The owner of the company Andrew Wallace has been riding Mountain Bikes for years and hopes to bring some of the extreme sports side of things into the shop!