Monthly Archives: July 2014

Great Turn Out for Day 1 Garage Sale

Yesterday AJW Performance hosted it’s second garage sale after a great success with the first one a few months ago. This time we did it bigger and even better than last time though with 6 bins on “dig and name your own price” and even more performance parts in stock and being sold for the lowest prices around.

We even lowered prices on ISC coilovers AND control arms for individuals looking for package deals! Yesterdays event went on from 10-6pm, but today (July 25th) the event is going on until 7pm! We will be giving the lowest prices around all day, so stop by and say hello!

AJW Performance 818S is now Running!

AJW Performance had a big break through the other day with it’s 818 build. We got it running! After countless hours of working to get the car going, our technician Kyle was able to get the car running and driving. Here is a short video of the first start:

The next step in our 818 build was to get working on the body panels and the frame. Unfortunately the 818 frame was designed for the TD04 and not the VF 39 that we are installing with ours.

The problem:


The Solution:


AJW Performance Prepares for it’s 2nd Performance Yard Sale

AJW Performance is at it again! Starting July 24th we will be hosting our 2nd Performance Yard Sale. The event will go for 2 days and we will be offering up to 99% off in used parts and up to 50% off on Used WRX parts. We’re trying to clear out our used inventory and we need your help! The parts that we have are perfect for project cars and WRX’s that need fixing! Get your parts for cheap at the AJW Performance yard sale!

The last event that we had was a great success. Many people came by the shop and had a good time. There was Pizza and lots of soda consumed!

AJW Performance Finalizes their 818S

The Factory Five 818 is truly an amazing vehicle. A rear wheel drive sports car that is Subaru powered. Pretty darn cool if you ask me, but even if you weren’t asking me I would still say it was cool. AJW Performance has had a great opportunity to provide lots of people with donor kits and knowledge to build these kits, however there is on thing we haven’t pushed for much on our own. Our own 818-S!

This month, we’re really pushing to finish our 818-S and get it on the road. This process began almost a year ago with us receiving our 818-S. Here is a photo from the day we received the kit.