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Product Spotlight: ISC Suspension-NA N1 Coilovers

ISC N1 Coilover REPRESENTATIVE PHOTOHello folks, to continue on with our ISC Suspension product spotlights today we have the ISC N1 coilovers! Specificlly the one that I will touch on is the N1 Coilover for the BRZ and FRS platform. This platform is one of the newest coilovers that ISC Suspension-NA had produced. This product still features their dyno proven valving and double o ring technology.

What does double O-Ring technology mean?

Double o-ring technology essentially means that wherever there would be an o-ring on the internals of the shaft, there are 2! This helps to make sure that there are absolutely ZERO failures and ZERO leaks.

Product Spotlight: ISC Suspension-NA Version 2 Rear Control Arm

Hello everyone, today we’ve got a really nice treat to show you! Here you can see the ISC Suspension-NA Version 2 rear control arm. This product has been improved over the old version 1 which was still a product that we really enjoyed. These are fitable on the 08+ WRX and STi and also the FRS/BRZ and even the 09+ Forester! These items are great tools for individuals looking to provide proper stance and function to their rear ends and work really well grouped with a set of ISC N1 coilovers. These are a necessary tool for obtaining correct camber and will really save you tires in the end! See below for ISC Suspension-NA’s OFFICIAL description of the control arms!

Product Spotlight: ISC Suspension-NA Wheel Adapters

Hello folks, today we’re going to be showing you a product that we really enjoy, the ISC Suspension-NA Wheel Adapters 5X100 to 5X114.3.

ISC’s wheel adapters are the perfect tool for obtaining the perfect offset on a set of 5X114.3 wheels, something that is sought after for the WRX crowd. These are available in 15 and 25mm and are a great piece and will be a welcome addition to anyone who is looking to bring out their wheels a little bit for to get that “flush” look.

Below is the actual description of the product from ISC,