Monthly Archives: August 2013

Allen’s Engine Revived!

Last week spelled disaster my 2011 WRX and I. A blown ring land was found to be the culprit of my excessive vibration and skipping when I started the car. Thankfully it helps to be a part of the finest supplier of performance products in the industry!

When things go wrong who do you call..?

Have you ever had that sinking feeling in your stomach while driving your car? That feeling like something just isn’t quite right with your car? I recently had that feeling and upon further inspection something was obviously wrong with my 2011 WRX. It’s bound to happen bolt on mods or not when you daily drive a vehicle issues happen.

AJW your one stop shop!

AJW Performance has been present for well over 7 years entering the automotive industry when the industry was flourishing. AJW provides all the top brand products for your performance needs. AJW has learned from the best and evolved into a MA and NH phenomenon. AJW started as a small internet business. Opening the first Ajw shop back in 2009 in Fairhaven. MA out growing that facility in less than a year and moving to a larger building in Wareham MA. AJW resided in Wareham for a little over a year before things really started to thrive and the doors of infinite opportunities opened again.