Monthly Archives: January 2013

AJW Site Maintenance

Hello all!

Just wanted to give our customers a heads up that during the next few weeks we will be doing a full site revamp. We figured there would be no better way to start the new year than to get our site up to date with the best products pricing and packages to help our customers maximize their hard earned money.









Some things we will be addressing:

Andrew’s Forester XT

After selling my legacy GT  about a year ago things were just not the same without a Subaru. The RSTI still wasn’t finished the Crawford Time Attack car can not drive on the street and daily driving the AJW Performance tow rig gets to be a little to much from time to time (F450 King Ranch Dually).

Back in August of 2012 a forum member on NES was selling his 2004 Forester XT. It was clean lightly and correctly modded and local enough to get my hands on it. Within a day of posting it for sale several others were willing to fly in from around the country to purchase it off this gentlemen that had it available. Findings these can be difficult especially in a manual.