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Tim’s Bug Eye Build

The saga continues…

Sometime in March I was heading north for a weekend of skiing. Just south of Concord NH the WRX started acting funny. I immediately pulled over and called Triple A. The bugeye was sent back to the shop and I continued on.

Plans were devised and we went forward. The cars back up and running now!

Mod list:

2011 STi Shortblock

OEM bearings

Nitraded crank

STi Forged rods

Wiseco Forged pistons (Standard size)

ARP Headstuds

Killer B Oil Pickup

Killer B oil Baffle

The AJW Performance Rally Pig

Something I feel we just dont talk about enough. The AJW Performance Rally Pig partnered with owner and driver Neil Liddle is a force to be reckoned with. This pig came to us last summer (2011) for support in his endeavors in the rally game. When Neil first came to us we sat down and talked about his plans for the season schedule of events and plans for the car. It was pretty cut and dry. Store the car safely when he was not racing it take care of full race prep and install/rebuild anything that needed to be done. Our first action was to install an STi 6 speed transmission DCCD controller and STi steering column. He took the car back gave it hell at a rally and realized the cooling system was not keeping up. To address this we wired in a switch to be able to switch the both fans on (or one at a time) to keep the car cool between heats.

Super Meet 7 @ AJW Performance

Saturday May 12th 2012 marked a big day at AJW Performance. Starting at around 9am cars from all over the New England area came cruising in to our facility to enjoy a day filled with sun delicious food fun and our common hobby; Cars.



New England Subarus being the organizing party showed up bright and early to help us out with parking setup and going over the plan for the day. Throughout the day over  130 cars poured into the lot behind the shop and at Factory Five Racing. Music was blasting through the parking lot people were shining up their cars and having a good time. DRT Components made an appearance a local growing company specializing in Mudflaps Harness bars skid plates and light bars.

Tim’s 2002 Bugeye a tale before the build

My 2002 Subaru WRX WRB A Life Story

Well the time has come. 169https://ajwperformanceproductsblog.com000 miles and the little
bugeye that could has finally called it quits. Not in the blaze of glory I
originally envisioned but an interesting ordeal none the less. This story is to
show the true strength and build quality that Subaru offers to some of the best
and most diverse customer base ever seen. Have no doubts that when you buy a
Subaru they are built to last!

Lets start with her beginning.