Monthly Archives: March 2012

AJay’s 2011 WRX

Sometime last year I came across a thread on with a young man looking to have his car stored while he was deployed overseas fighting for our countries freedom. Through messages I spoke with AJay for over a year while he was away checking in on him and talking about his plans for the WRX for when he returned home. The car is a 2011 WRX. Plans are a nice drivable stage 2 setup. We decide on the parts and get everything ordered up.

Here is the list:

  • TurboXS Turboback exhaust
  • AEM Cold air intake

Andrew’s Nissan 350Z Nismo Edition

Little while back we joined up on to do some advertising and promotion of AJW Performance and our extensive product line. During our time on the forums there we met Andrew Pierce who owns this beautiful Nismo Z. Andrew was one of the few non Subarus at our grand opening in October of 2011 and offered some serious eye candy for us Subaru owners.

Here are some pics from the meet and how it looked before our work.

ISC Coilovers on Steve’s 2012 STi









Today we installed ISC N1 Street coilovers on Steve’s 2012 STi.

The 8/6 street springs are a great choice for someone looking for a combination of streetable ride quality and agressive weekend auto-x or track days.

The ISC N1 Coilovers have 32 way adjustable dampening front camber and pillowball upper mounts all standard.