Monthly Archives: November 2011

Dez’s 08 WRX Motor build

Back in September we were contacted by a customer who had run into some problems with his motor and now the car was undriveable.  He took it to a dealership first. First they took the motor out of the car. Then they cracked into the motor and tore the whole thing down. Intake manifold off heads stripped from the block etc. Cause of the blown motor was oil starvation. They quoted him an exorbitant amount of money for a motor rebuild 9-10 thousand dollars all said and done. Tell me my 3 year old car needs to have 10 grand dumped into it I’ll probably laugh at you too.

Engine Building- November 7 2011

Since we’ve been taking on more and more motor builds I decided it was time to make a nice blog post that describes everything that must be done while a motor build is being completed. We have some of the best techs motor builders and tuners that work closely with AJW Performance to build the strongest most reliable quality motor possible for our customers. It all starts with the customer service. Right off the bat we will introduce ourselves and get as much information possible about the motor you already have whether is a running motor that you want built for full race duty or a tired motor that needs new life. We like to find out your overall goals and purposes for the car. This will help us in deciding the best parts combinations for you and also is the start of building a fully comprehensive price quote.